Wealth Cycle Investing

Wealth Cycle One

Make deposits towards your first milestone and save with purpose through a personalized payment-savings plan.

Investments Include…

Investments Unavailable in Cycle One

Getting in the Game…

Begin saving for the future with WCI through a structured payment plan that aligns with your income level, schedule and goals.

Unlike a standard savings account at a bank, WCI gives you measurable objectives that elevate your account value, financial security and future outlook with every milestone.

Our investment specialists are here to answer all your questions along the way as you make structured deposits and grow your account to reach the first tier and access the initial round of investment opportunities. We’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s in store for you in Tier One, where a personalized investment portfolio and real-time opportunities are always waiting.

How it Works…

Wealth Cycle One lets you make monthly payments towards a $1,000 goal, which places you in Tier One and opens the door to multiple types of investment brackets, models and industries. With WCI, your savings fund is a catalyst for rapid ROI and dividends through early-growth opportunities reserved for baseline investors. Make deposits through structured payments or at your leisure and access your savings account for withdrawal anytime without fees.

  • Set Your Goals and Reach Them on Your Terms
  • Become More Disciplined As You Save
  • Prepare for Investment As You Save

As a member of WCI, you’ll also enjoy investment planning and guidance at all stages of your Wealth Cycle — with complete strategic control and preparation in advance.

Leveling Up…

Your first milestone with WCI puts you in the baseline investment bracket where a selection of rapid-growth projects gives you flexible exposure to a wide-range of markets and industries.

With Wealth Cycle Two, you are no longer just saving money — you are in a position to fund various projects with a strong potential for rapid returns.

Whether you are new to investing or have years of experience, WCI is an opportunity to enter early-growth stages of promising ventures and enterprises that have the potential to secure exponential ROI. Pick and choose your investments or place your account on autopilot with the assurance of secure investing from industry experts at WCI.

How it Works…

Leveling Up with WCI gives you access to investment opportunities in growing companies that typically experience faster returns during the initial stages of their business cycles. Wealth Cycle Two investors will be funding companies and organizations with proven business models that leverage funding for expansion, development and innovation in their respective industries and fields. By entering Wealth Cycle Two, you become qualified for baseline investing in high-growth ventures spanning industries that include:

  • Business Funding and Lending
  • Small Business Development
  • Products and Technology Development
  • Live Events and Recreation Development

 Our expert financial advisors and investment specialists can help guide you through the selection process and explore individual companies, ventures and industries that align investments with your specific interests and financial goals.

Wealth Cycle Two

Open the door to baseline investments by reaching Cycle Two and select your investment strategy by timeline, industry, market type and other customizations.

Investments Include…

Business Funding and Lending
Small Business Development
Products and Technology Development
Live Events and Recreation Development

Wealth Cycle Three

Graduate from the savings tier and launch your account to the next stage with capital and ROI gains transferred to a scalable portfolio that’s geared for larger returns and broader market exposure.

Investments Include…

Business Funding and Lending
Small Business Development
Products and Technology Development
Live Events and Recreation Development
Real Estate Development
Films and Production Development

Investing with the Pros…

By Wealth Cycle Three, members at WCI have experienced ROI in their savings account and reached a new milestone with even more investments available.

You’ll now have the option of remaining in the Tier One Savings bracket or moving into Tier Three full investing — where you’ll have access to more versatile investment positions and expanded gains through an ever-growing investment account.

Wealth Cycle Three opens the door to professional investments designed to scale your portfolio right into Tier Three and beyond with the addition of even more industries and ventures to choose from thanks to higher funding potential.

How it Works…

Wealth Cycle Three is initiated by a $10,000 milestone in your savings account — effectively placing you in an elevated investment tier with access to opportunities previously unavailable. Instead of only funding early-stage companies and ventures, you’ll now have the option of funding high-capital ventures such as real estate and business expansions seeking investors with the effective capital to achieve their goals. These include all of the investment types available in Tier Two along with the addition of:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Film and Media Production

At the end of WCI Tier Three our goal is for you to be positioned in a well-rounded portfolio — or focused investments based on expert risk analysis and a review of your financial goals.

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If you want to be get ahead on your journey towards wealth, do not hesitate to join us!