What is The Wealth Initiative?

The Wealth Initiative is a Business and Wealth Development Program designed to empower ambitious participants with the tools and financial resources necessary to become their generations’ next Leaders and Wealth Creators.

Program features include:

  • Mentored Wealth Training
  • Real Earnings Opportunities
  • Real-Time Investing

What are some the Program’s benefits?

We offer many Wealth Building benefits for our participants. Featured benefits listed below:

  • Simultaneous Earning & Learning
  • Multiple Opportunities for Income
  • High Yield Group Investing
  • Multiple Residual Incomes
  • Hands-on Wealth Building
  • NO Risks Wealth Building

How will I benefit from joining?

There are many ways our students benefit from joining The Wealth Initiative:

  • Learn the Keys to Building Wealth.
  • Gain first-hand experience of being an Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Participate in various ventures over the course of our program
  • Receive exclusive opportunities to Earn Unlimited Income
  • Earn (continued) Income as the program and ventures develop.

What can I expect from my completion of the program?

We want our students to complete our program, having a pronounced head start in their own wealth building endeavors. Program Goals:

  • Gained Wealth Building Knowledge and Fundamentals
  • Start-up and Reserved Capital for New Ventures
  • Experience to create continued Wealth Generation without hesitation or fear

How much does it cost to register?

The Wealth Initiative offers several price points for entry.  Refer to the Getting Started Tab on this site or  Click here for pricing.

How long is the program?

The Wealth Initiative is a designed 6-Month Wealth Building Curriculum, however our Income and Investment Opportunities are subject to their own start and completion dates.  Different rules will apply.

Are programs offered in person or online?

All Courses, Curriculums, and Income Opportunities are offered primarily Online, however, we do host national workshops and events for your participation.

How do I get started?

Contact the person who recommended you to The Wealth Initiative, or simply press the Get Started tab and follow the sign-up process.