Introducing Wealth Cycle Investing

Cycle Investing is a unique financial strategy that makes investment more accessible and affordable to the public. Through personalized payment plans, members have an opportunity to enter baseline investments with rapid growth potential that leads to successive investment goals. Set financial targets with monthly payments that add to a growing ROI as you advance through your investment goals and reach higher returns at every stage.

Who We Are

We are a team of investment specialists connecting baseline investors to companies and industries experiencing rapid-growth potential.

What We Do

We create an opportunity for investment over time with flexible payment options and investment goals designed to accommodate your budget and lifestyle.

How We Help You

We make it easy to invest in a wide-range of projects and industries with scalable payments and investment stages that act as steps to your future goals.

How Does It Work?

Make personalized payments into your Wealth Cycle account and grow it with compound ROI to reach the next tier and gain access to more investment opportunities with a higher potential for returns. WCI offers 3 Tiers of Investment based on your account value with each successive level opening the door to more industries, more flexible investment options — and a higher return on investment.

How Can I Get Started?

Your investment journey begins with a WCI account, where you’ll select your investment level alongside a personalized payment plan and objective. As a Tier One Investor, your payments will be made towards an investment goal that deploys capital into fast-growing projects with a potential for high returns. As you enjoy returns on your investment and grow your account, you’ll advance to Tier Two and Tier Three of the WCI program — where even more profitable opportunities await.

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Projects & Investments

WCI deploys strategic investments into a dynamic range of sectors and industries where we identify high-return potential and optimized asset security for our members. Your account is actively-protected by rigorous due diligence of our investment partners and a review of industry performance based on decades of investment experience.

Business Development

Small businesses with efficient growth models have the potential to rapidly develop into powerhouse companies. WCI seeks out the most favorable opportunities in the small business sector offering maximum returns for our members.

Real Estate Development

Real estate is a highly-profitable market when accessed with well-timed and focused investments made by industry professionals. With WCI, you’ll be part of the most educated and opportune investments currently available in real estate.

Products and Technology

This sector is known for its explosive return potential and groundbreaking innovations that change both markets and the world. WCI puts you at the forefront of invention with secure and profitable revolutionary investments.

Live Events and Recreation

Leisure and entertainment is an industry as old as time but always at the cusp of lifestyle trends, technology and market transformation. With WCI, your investment is in a position to grow with a sector that knows no limits.

Film and Productions

WCI remains on active alert for profitable investment opportunities in the film industry where proven strategies and emerging production trends often result in exponential growth for our members.

Business Funding and Lending

Strategically-placed businesses often rely on baseline investors to achieve funding goals at early stages of development. With WCI, your capital is often deployed at highly-valuable and transient points of the business stage — resulting in rapid growth and returns.


Entrepreneurial Students


Average Hours Per Week


Earning Potential

$ 300

Average Minimum Daily Salary