The Wealth Schedule

A Strategic Path Towards Wealth-Building

Investment is not a wealth-building system reserved for the wealthy — it’s an opportunity to make a financial breakthrough for anyone with the discipline and willingness to save money. Wealth Cycle Investing was created for the purpose of providing affordable investment opportunities, a financial advisory platform and a savings incentive all-in-one. Our structured investment plans cater to all income levels and lifestyles and help put your financial goals into motion, one small deposit at a time.

Here’s What You Can Expect

WCI empowers members to achieve their wealth-building goals with a balance of asset security and profit potential through unique savings and investment flexibility. You can expect a rapid Return on Investment from your savings account starting with as little as $1,000 and expanding to include baseline investments as well as ownership, franchise and large business opportunities. WCI offers both standalone savings and investment services as well as complementary growth to existing investment portfolios, making it perfect for new and seasoned investors alike.

The Wealth Cycle

  • Objective 1


    Choose a Cycle Plan

  • Objective 2

    Open a Cycle Savings Account


    Objective 2

  • Objective 3


    Create a Wealth Schedule

  • Objective 4

    Start Cycle


    Objective 4

  • Objective 5


    Achieve Savings Goal

  • Objective 6

    Initiate Account Conversion


    Objective 6

  • Objective 7


    Fund Investment

  • Objective 8

    Refund Account with ROI


    Objective 8

  • Objective 9


    Recycle Investment to Level Up

  • Objective 10

    Account Ascension Next Rank Achieved


    Objective 10

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All courses and income opportunities are offered online and NO experience is necessary to join.